Haute Couture Love

Some one will eventually be wearing a shirt like this, either Hendrik or Mikkel. I just haven’t decided who yet… Anyone have a suggestion of who it should be?

Hendrik’s designs have a ‘different’ edge to them, as compared to Bella or Liam’s brighter designs.

This would be along the lines of Liam’s designs.

Here are a few images of what I think Bella’s style would be.

Arthur’s Note - Design Style

I’ll be posting real fashion images of what I think each of the designer’s style would look like. Keep a look out for them, I should have Belgium’s (Bella), Luxembourger’s (Liam), and Netherland’s (Hendrik) styles posted by tonight.

Thanks, ML

Netherlands (Hendrik)

Not so much a huge fan of the outfit in whole, but the the torso part is very nice. I love the fastenings on the front of the coat with the multiple layers of different colors. The chain on his hip, at least what I assume is a chain, is a nice touch. I like this.



Belgium (Bella) and Netherlands (Hendrik)

The dress Bella is wearing is simply amazing! I can picture her wearing something similar to this design. Even Hendrik would wear a dashing suit like this.

Perfect, right?

Location: Netherlands (not 100% sure of where…)

Just cute, may include something adorable like this in future chapters.



Lovely, isn’t it?

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Most expensive shopping district in the Netherlands, with rent at 2200 euros per meter. Perfect place for a boutique run by a certain Dutchman, nej?

Haute Couture Love - Chapter One

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Haute Couture Love - Introduction

In the highest of high fashion, are a trio of siblings. Hendrik, Liam, and Bella are all designers by trade and during a modeling audition to find their newest walking mannequins, Hendrik seemingly falls in love with a Dane named Mikkel. Fresh from the worst break up of his life, Mikkel is more than willing to use Hendrik as a way of forgetting pain, only to fall head over heels for the Dutchman. As things progress, facing hardships become even more complicated as Mikkel is diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. Is the love they share for each other enough to save Mikkel’s young life? Or has Hendrik broken the golden rule in a haute couture world? Never fall for your model.